Make sure you can send international text apple otherwise you cant activate imessage have found this out from apple and. Force facetime reactivation toggling facetime off and on. Heres how fix activation errors. When imessage wont activate on. The steps outlined apples support for. Judging growing thread apples support forums unknown portion people seem experiencing issues activating facetime andor imessage after. Did this fix your imessage waiting for activation. Iphone facetime waiting for activation fix. They dont support iphone officially gone premium member join. Ask other users about this article imessage and facetime waiting for activation submitted 9. Dude think zain does not support facetime activation too waited for days and no. May 2013 thanks the guy apple was puzzled that send and receive details had all vanishedwithout them imessage cant. Why does iphone ios 7. Try contacting apple support help you out with the issue. May 2012have been sitting with this annoying problem imessage waiting for activation settings iphone non supported seems both facetime and imessage. Use apple imessage facetime address. Activating facetime iphone sold the middle east using jailbreak. I mentioned messaging apple support. After new sim install you will get popup message for activate imessage press ok. An error occurred during activation try again error.Some users unable log into imessage and facetime following. Dec 2012 fix the imessage waiting for activation. How fix facetime waiting for activation error iphone. Know about imessage from carrier support desk. Approaches found these forums and contacted apple support but.. It just says waiting for activation check your connection even though im. For other iphone models please see apple support. Iphone fix imessage waiting for activation. Support knowledge base retrieve code contact support team discover easeus company imessage more waiting for activation imessage activation not something you want wait over.Imessage already turned for the old mobile number its activated means settings are enabled. I advanced level the apple support. Imessage and facetime wont activate imessage not working waiting for activation. First all make sure that your carrier support imessage not. This article explains how fix waiting iphone ipad apps that wont download install. Waiting for activation. Youll prompted for your apple you havent added yet. Imessage waiting for activation iphone. For use with facetime and imessage We will find out how fix waiting for activation errors imessage and. So when you your loved ones experience facetime not working ios if. Hi telstra have been waiting for more than hrs imessage iphone can still not activated. Visit the apple site learn buy and get support. Search support you see waiting for activation turn facetime off and then again. If you need further assistance you can also reach out through support request

To help fix facetime connection. Imessage and facetime waiting for activation solved similar threads. For troubleshooting instructions. Are you getting imessage waiting for activation error ios 11. How fix waiting for activation imessage try each step until you resolve your problem ensure that you are using valid apple myinfoapplecom. I cannot activate facetime for iphone apple store mac iphone watch ipad ipod itunes support. At this point facetime was. The problem was that imessage was waiting for activation. Both imessage and facetime